Ohio Wild Boar Hunting

Private Ohio Acres - Fair Chase

Come and hunt Ohio's Elusive Wild Boar

This hunt is in Vinton Co., Ohio on pristine acres of private land. We bait the wild boar to certain stand sites in order to be hunted. You will be hunting out of ground blinds that are already in place.

Night Hunts Wild Boar

Night hunts are hunted under RED LIGHTS over the baited areas. Trail cams are on 24/7 to give the hunter the best chance on a hog. This is a SEMI-GUIDED hunt with firearm of choice. We will take you to the trail head to walk in to your stand site.


We bait these areas on a weekly basis to keep hogs coming back for more. We will do our best to put you on a Hog. ( NO GUARANTEES ).

Night time hunts are the only times to hunt. Buddy heaters are available for rent for $10/night.

Lodging and meals are not included. Lodging is currently 25 minutes away from hunting property in Logan, Ohio.

We will help in quartering your hog so bring coolers and bags. NO PROCESSING AVAILABLE.

Limit to (1) wild boar per person. Extra hogs are $100 additional.

Ohio small game hunting license is all you need.

For non-resident small game license, Ohio offers a 3-Day license for $40. Over the counter sales or online.

ohio wild boar hunting


Our success rates run from 40-60% on average.

2 NIGHTS of HUNTING = $ 400/ per hunter

To Book your hunt contact us at 330-844-6625.

Ohio Hunting News

Ohio Whitetail Deer Record

ohio white tail deer state record

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife announced that another record-setting deer has been harvested in southwestern Ohio. On Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010, the 18-point nontypical (nonsymmetrical antlered) deer taken by Brian Stephens on Nov. 30, 2009 with a muzzleloader in Highland County was officially scored.

Deer hunting in Ohio continues to prove itself as world-class. We are seeing the benefits of a successful whitetail deer management program.

In the last decade southwest Ohio has been the setting for numerous records. The Beatty Buck, harvested in Greene County in the fall of 2000 by Mike Beatty, holds the record for nontypical at 304 6/8 and currently ranks as the number one nontypical buck in Ohio, the largest nontypical whitetail deer ever taken by a bow hunter.

A typical white-tailed deer killed by Brad Jerman in 2004 in Warren County, known as the Jerman Buck, became an Ohio record with a score of 201 1/8. In 2006 a world-class buck was harvested by Jonathan Schmucker in Adams County. The deer was scored at 34-point nontypical, 291 2/8 Boone and Crockett and 305 7/8 World Classics.