FAQ's...Big Buck Down Ohio

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Can I bring my dog (pet)?.....Pets are not allowed for the hunts. We are focused on Trophy White Tail Deer Hunting. Any scents, noise etc. will defeat the purpose of your hunt.

Can I get my Hunting License, Habitat Stamp, Hunting Permit through Big Buck Down Ohio?...No, you will have to secure all those before the Hunt.

Can I purchase hunting gear, arms, ammo, archery items, scent block etc. from Big Buck Down Ohio?...No, we do not sell or provide any gear or accessories that you will need. These items are your responsibility and must be ready before the hunt.

Can I bring my own camera or movie camera?...Yes you can bring your own camera, and we can provide photographic or movie documentation at an additional cost.

Are there Hunting Supply or Sporting Goods stores nearby?...Yes, but it would be your responsibility to provide transportation to and from the stores.

What is a typical hunting days schedule?...Breakfast before we leave the Hotel is your responsibility. No lunch during the hunt. Typical hunting day is dawn to dusk. We transport you back to the hotel. Meals are your responsibility.

Are there camp grounds nearby?...Yes, Lake Hope State Park, OhioVisit Website

Can I bring a four wheeler?...No.

Ohio Hunting Tips

Hunting Safety

ohio white tail deer state record

Ohio requires all first time hunters to complete a hunters safety course to purchase an Ohio license. You will need proof of completion or a previous used hunting license along with your drivers license to purchase your Ohio hunting license.

You can visit the Ohio Division of Natural Resources website for more information on hunter saftey courses.


Be Safe - Have Fun - Hunt Ohio