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Welcome to Big Buck Down Outfitters of Ohio. My name is Jason McCleary and I am the owner/operator of Big Buck Down Outfitters of Ohio. We are a new outfitter and are located in Vinton County. We lease pristene private acres, which have been under our management program for the past several years. Our properties offer all types of hunting environments from hardwoods, thickets, winter wheat fields, soybean fields to CRP fields. We have also added food plots, supplemental feed stations and a variety of mineral licks throughout our properties.

Big Buck Down Outfitters of Ohio takes a limited number of hunters each year to ensure low hunting pressure and so we can continue to harvest mature trophy whitetails. These are Semi-Guided hunts and we offer both ladder and lock-on stands averaging 15 to 25 feet (Or bring your own climber). Or if you prefer something closer to mother earth we can place you in one of our ground blinds.

Our guides spend countless hours each and every year scouting mature whitetails to give our clients the best chance of harvesting a mature Ohio whitetail. Our guides will give you a brief orientation of the stand you will be hunting, transport you to and from your stand, track/field dress your deer, and cape your trophy. There are local processors and taxidermist available at an additional cost.

You will need to be in good shape and scent control is a must. I strongly recommend rubber boots, a scent-lock suit, and cover scent. If you expect to harvest a mature whitetail then you cannot give off any scent. NO SMOKING OR CHEWING WHILE ON STAND. PLEASE DO NOT STINK UP OUR WOODS.

Please Note:

* We strictly enforce a 120 inches minimum on all bucks. If under 120" $500.00 management fee applies.

* DRAW BLOOD POLICY: Wounded deer are considered a kill, so therefore the hunter has two options at this point. (1)- continue to look for your deer for the remaining time of your trip and hunt for does or (2)- Pay $500 management fee and continue to hunt for another buck.

Ohio Hunting Tips

Hunting Safety

ohio white tail deer state record

Ohio requires all first time hunters to complete a hunters safety course to purchase an Ohio license. You will need proof of completion or a previous used hunting license along with your drivers license to purchase your Ohio hunting license.

You can visit the Ohio Division of Natural Resources website for more information on hunter saftey courses.


Be Safe - Have Fun - Hunt Ohio