1. Upon arrival you will need to pay the remainder of your balance, have your hunting permit, habitat stamp, and hunting license logged. We will also have a short orientation on hunting rules and regulations and you will need to sign a waiver.
2. You will need your Hunters Safety card if born on or after January 1st, 1980.
3. Shot and injured deer are considered killed deer and we will help you look for your buck during the rest of your hunt.
4. You can not get down from your location or walk around from your location that you are placed. You will be asked to leave if we find you wandering and walking around. If a bedding area is bumped your chances plummet.
5. Gun Hunters must wear solid ORANGE vest and solid ORANGE hat.
6. Everything you take on the property you must take off of the property.....ex.. Scent bombs, wafers, etc.
7. $500.00 fine for bucks killed under 120 inches Pope & Young.
8. Gun hunters must have a plug in their shotgun.

1._____ Permit, Hunting License, Habitat Stamp. Safety card if born on/after Jan. 1, 1980.
2._____ Safety Harness, Belt, and or Safety Vest."To be worn at all times while hunting"
3._____ Your Bow and or Gun + Cases - Cases must be used at all times.

4._____ Cell Phone or CALLING CARD
5._____ Motorola radio - 1 per person
6._____ Pull rope & Bow or Gun Holder
7._____ Rubber Boots and or Scent Free Scent Lock Boots - boot dryer
8._____ Rain Gear + Rain Hat
9._____ 2 flashlights
10.____ Scent Free soap and detergent
11.____ Binoculars and Range Finder
12.____ Earplugs for bow and gun hunters ?does your hunting partner snore??
13.____ Personal supplies, tooth paste, scent free deodorant, first aid supplies, band aids. 14.____ Cooler + Drinks + Snacks
15.____ Gloves, decoys, calls, rattling bags, Hunting blinds, scents, stand, face net, bug spray, alarm. tip for guides.

Scent Lock Suites are recommended! The more you can control the human odor the better chance you will have. Please remember if you take something in the woods bring it out. If you think you might need it bring it.